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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Snapshot - 2000 GMT

* Death toll close to 60,000; many missing in aftermath of tsunami in Indian Ocean, triggered by an underwater earthquake of magnitude 9.0 off the Indonesian island of Sumatra
* Disease could kill as many people as tsunami, World Health Organisation (WHO) expert says in Geneva
* Indonesia says tsunami death toll 27,174 people
* Sri Lanka says 18,706 dead but may reach 20,000
* India says 11,499 dead, including 7,000 confirmed or presumed dead in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands
* Thailand says 1,516 dead, 1,400 missing.
* Hundreds of foreigners feared dead and hundreds missing around Indian Ocean disaster zone.
* Deaths as far away as East Africa; at least 122 killed by tsunami in Somalia and Seychelles.
* United Nations says there could be epidemics within days
* Rescue, recovery and rebuilding will cost billions of dollars, U.N. relief agency says * Governments and aid agencies pledge millions in aid
* Damage could exceed 10 bln euros -Munich Re reinsurer

Source: AlertNet
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