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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Local Sri Lanka Updates from ChiensSansFrontieres

Edited posts from the last three days at ChiensSansFrontieres (this list posted approximately 3 a.m. GMT, 12/29/04):

SMS From Sri Lanka - XIII
UNICEF airlifting goods to Jaffna in a few hours. But they're handing it over to the government offices there, and not distributing it themselves.(5.38 am)
Priorities as of this morning - Disposing of bodies, healthcare for survivors, clean drinking water. Food and clothes still needed (5.44 am)
Official figures - over 21,000 dead in Sri Lanka. (6.49 am)
7100 bodies buried in 4 graves in the South. 7600 alone buried in a single grave in Sammanthurai in the Amparai district, Eastern Province. (6.54 am)
The government continues to claim it is 'taking steps' to provide relief. But nothing is getting to the people who need it. It is the people who are taking food, water, medicines and clothes who are are making a difference. So those of you doing it, keep at it! It's helping more than you will ever know. (7.15 am)
Last message from the Omantai checkpoint. There are unconfirmed reports of the LTTE 'taking over' relief convoys to their areas. (7.56 am)
The LTTE has been taking the aid and claiming to distribute. No news beyond that. (8.06 am)

SMS From Sri Lanka - XII
Shalini from Sri Lanka reports: [11 buses carrying passengers missing. An estimated 2.5 million people displaced.][Government agent and LTTE working together in jaffna. Health supplies are grossly inadequate. Disease needs to be prevented. Water is contaminated by dead bodies says tamil national alliance parliamentarian gajan ponnambalam.]

SMS From Sri Lanka - XI
[Tune into 7060Mhz for Radiophiles Association special aid coordination broadcasts from Matara Rahula college and the Hambantota Kachcheri. From there yo..][..u can contact 3rd station in Colombo. These guys are doing some good work. Presently the only stable communication channels in these areas.]

SMS From Sri Lanka IX
Stay away from the Galle road.Continous looting and violence reported in Moratuwa.

SMS From Sri Lanka VI
New school year will not begin on the 3rd. Dates will be announced later. Buildings being used to house the displaced.

SMS From Sri Lanka V
Two Indian naval ships with medical supplies have just arrived in Trincomalee, and the distribution will begin immediately.

SMS From Sri Lanka II
Sri Lanka Nationwide emergency number has been set up. Dial 118 from any phone to report needs. Will be particularly useful for people who have gone into disaster zones.
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Blogger Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka said :


The tsunami has devastated Sri Lanka - also affected are Sri Lankans with disabilities.

Ten of thousands of Sri Lankans have died and thousands more will die through disease - Sri Lanka urgently needs doctors and medicine from overseas to cope with outbreaks of typhoid, dysentery, cholera.

The Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka are not collecting money ourselves but we are working with partners all over the world to reach out to all Sri Lankans including the disability community who have been affected so badly by this deadly tsunami whgich struck the island on the 26th of December 2004 and has caused so much devastation.

How you can help in London:

Sri Lanka urgently needs:

Tents, blankets,linen, clothing.
Food - pre-cooked or ready to eat meal packs
Water purification tablets - approximately 2 million
Wheat, flour, pulses, rice.
Drugs: paracetamol, antibiotics, dressing, suture material, disposable syringes
Intravenous infusions - saline and dextrose.
Portable generators.
Disabled people will need wheelchairs.

The Sri Lanka High Commission in London have appealed for donations of the above and donors can take these items to the Sri Lanka High Commission at 13 Hyde Park Gardens, London W2 2LU. Those who wish to contribute may contact Mr.Y.G.Amaradasa (Administration) of the Sri Lanka High Commission in London. He could be contacted on the telephone: 020 7262 6721/020 7262 1841 extension 225, Fax: 020 7262 7970 and on e-mail: mail@slhc.globalnet.co.uk

With regard to the rapid conveyance of drugs and items such as water purification tablets and intravenous infusions, the Sri Lanka High Commission are exploring the possibility of facilitating airlifting these items through SriLankan Airlines to Colombo but please inform the Sri Lanka High Commission the full details of these drugs before and during delivery.

You can send donations to the Rotary Club of Colombo - the Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka are working in partnership with the Rotary Club, a well respected international organisation who have teams working in the diaster areas.

The Rotary Club of Colombo Regency, plans to implement the relief effort in phases in order for it to be effective.

The immediate need is for water and dry food items like biscuits, and canned fish, as displaced people are unable to cook meals just yet. In addition, basic medicines and clothing are also essential.

The second phase in a few days will be to provide dry rations, milk powder etc. as hopefully by that time people would have been moved into refugee camps.

The third phase (5 to 7 days) would be to conduct health camps to prevent/treat any outbreak in disease caused by polluted water and lack of proper sanitation etc at the refugee camps.

In the longer term, rebuilding of life and property would take an enormous effort and would need worldwide help.

If you wish to contribute by way of any items listed above or by cash or kind, please write into this site or phone/email any one of the persons below:
Mario Perumal +94 777 371204, mario@vigilant-security.com
Chamila Wicramasinghe +94 777 364618, chamila_w@yahoo.com
Shantha Warnakulasuriya +94 777 355288, shanthaw_midaya@sysnet.lk
Bary Jaleel on +94 777 300239, mcabdul@slt.lk
Altaf Ismail +94 777 741855, altaf96@slt.lk

Tharanga Gunaratne +94 777 389075, tkg_lk@yahoo.com

You can send cash contributions in the form of Cheques/Drafts/Money Orders as per the details given below:
Beneficiary - "Rotary Club of Colombo Regency"
Account No: 001-003771-002
Bank Name : HSBC
Postal Address : 24 Sir Baron Jayatilleke Mw, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka

For items sent from overseas, The Rotary Club have arranged for duty waivers. Please make sure that you specify the beneficiary as the "Rotary Club of Colombo Regency", c/o Bary Jaleel, 15 Cambridge Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

However, send an email The Rotary Club with your full name, contact details and your contribution amounts and modes, so that they could keep a track. You can also log onto http://www.lankafood.com/ and select the items you would like to sponsor, and pay for on line. Details of items needed and their rates will be published on this site.

Sri Lanka desperately needs help. They say the island needs 1 billion pounds to cope with this terrible disaster. Whole communities have been wiped out. Schools and homes have been devastated and scores of little Sri Lankans have perished. Please support Sri Lanka in her hour of need.

Ivan Corea WRC FRSA
Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

this tsunami is belived to be the world vgreatest desruction in 50 years.

7:00 PM  
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